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Fishing for Spawning Lake Trout

It’s been busy lately with lots of things besides fishing, so I’m going through with-drawl symptoms and fishing dreams where I’m getting a big bite or fighting a big one! (sorry, Margie, for the twitching and flying elbows) I guess It’s ok to dream of fishing on my off-days, but it’s always tough to come […]

Last Day on Lake Superior for the year, Spawning Lake Trout Done!

Wally, Sven, Stanley, Leo and I, spent a very nice day on the Big Lake yesterday (November 7). The water temp was 45 and the air around 50 with plenty of sunshine. We tried to find a new spawning area, but the depth was a little deeper than expected and we found no lakers. We […]

Spawning Lake Trout in Lake Superior, Fall Fishing

Just a quick note about this week while after spawning lake trout. Four of us fished out of Traverse and caught 12 lakers, released one, much to the chagrin of the brother-in-law captain. I guess I won’t get any more invites from him 😉 Hope to go out again before winter sets in, but have […]

Coho Salmon – Superior

Where does the word “Coho” come from? It’s origin is un-known, but it is believed that it came from an American Indian language. The small Pacific Salmon that commonly grows to 25lbs in the ocean (called Silver Salmon in AK), only reaches an average size of a few pounds here in Lake Superior. They were […]

Early Season Fishing

If you are one of the brave and hardy fishermen who would like to fish for trout or salmon (or steelhead) as soon as the ice is out (I mean on the Great Lakes, since there is no closed season on Lake Superior in Michigan), how, or where do you find them? Where are the […]

Local Splake, Lake Trout and Walleye Plantings

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the start of our long winter… at least up here in the U.P. it’s pretty long. I had an invite to ice-fish for walleye this week in Mn… Red Lake and Lake of the Woods, but couldn’t find any willing and able partners from our locale […]

Re-cap of the Summer

Who is this rough-looking, dejected fisherman? Read on to get the story behind it. Thanks to all of you who have hired me to take you fishing or sightseeing. It’s been a really enjoyable summer for me and you helped to make it so. You are helping me pursue my passion while you have fun […]

Trolling suspended fish at Big Traverse

Once again, neglecting to get some winterizing done at home, Calvin and I took advantage of the nice weather to do a little fishing. As they say, you have to “make hay while the sunshines,” but it’s up to the individual to determine what “hay” is for him or her. Our plan was to fish […]

Fun fishing lake trout on light tackle in shallow water.

Today, as I was winterizing the “Fishin Mission”, it so nice out that I just HAD to get out on the water. I had not fished for 4 days and the fever was running high, especially since I caught more than a limit last time out. (much to a certain bro-in-law’s chagrin, I tossed 2 […]

Last trip of the year to Isle Royale and Traverse Bay Fishing

Time sure flies when you’re having fish…going fishin’, er having fun, sorry for the typos,my fingers just go that way. Can’t believe, or accept the fact that it’s past-time to put the boats away. Most sane people have done that long ago, I guess that make me IN-sane. Truth be known, I would have my […]